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Agile Coach Consulting & Job Placement Since 2019

Epiliki Staffing & Consulting LLC specializes in the agile method. We employ solutions designed to optimize your internal team’s approach to project management and software development by providing dedicated resources and innovative technologies that reduce cycle time and improve the quality of hire.

Epiliki Staffing and Consulting was founded in 2019 and the headquarter is in Rosenberg, Texas (Houston Area). The aim was to provide base solutions to clients and to mentor individuals to become Scrum Masters, Product Owners/Product Managers, SAFe Agilist and to help Small and medium size and minority business with their agile transformation. Our training has helped so many individuals transition into Agile and are very successful in any industry they find themselves in. Since, the organization was created, we have grown to become a consulting firm that helps Small-Medium and minority organizations achieve business agility.

We have been training talent in accordance with the Agile method, delivering solutions that yield superior results to our clients by blending Agile best practices, technology, and leveraging our industry knowledge, experience, and relationships. The passion we have for the Agile methodology fuels our drive to help qualified folks in job placement empowering talent to be part of a global digital agile transformation for most enterprises.

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Here at ESC we ensure that agility is made simple and route agile to your door step. In  this global and technological changing and advanced world. We can help your business with the continuous market disruptions and evolution. We are here to help lead your agile transformation and to help build your business agile capabilities while ensuring that you focus on customer centricity, faster-time to market, quality improvement, increase in productivity and a happier and more motivated employees.

We work with companies especially small-medium and minority businesses to increase their productivity and quality through agile transformation and support. Our agile coaches help businesses develop a foundation of agile best practices and ensure the evangelization of agile throughout the organization.

We help make agility simple and effective. We create widely successful clients and engage in the best agile training, coaching, and mentoring to help companies achieve the right level of agile success.

We have professional agile coaches, scrum masters, Product Owner/Program Managers, Release Train Engineers, Certified Enterprise Coaches with a Lean and Agile Practitioner mindset with so many years of experience in various organizations.

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Certified Enterprise Agile Coach (SAFe Program Consultant)


Nestor Epiliki

Epiliki Nestor is an experienced Scrum Master and SAFe Agile professional currently working in the state of Texas. Nestor is a SAFe Program Consultant (Certified Agile Coach), a servant leader, and an experienced Agile Coach, with a client-focus, results-oriented approach with over ten years of experience working as a servant leader and a change agent. He thrives in both teams and enterprise agile adoption, communication, continuous and relentless Improvement. Coaching, training, and mentoring teams, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Product Managers, and Leadership on agile principles and techniques.

Nestor has solid knowledge and understanding of SDLC, DDLC, test execution & defect resolution, and common technologies, architecture, and technical terminology. He is a certified AWS Solution Architect – Associate with great servant leadership, facilitation, and conflict resolution skills. Furthermore, he received an Award for the best PI board presentation in the P&C Data Analytics department, and my PI board was recommended for best practice.

His proven problem-solving abilities and creative thinking are demonstrated with his experience providing customer-driven solutions, support, or service. Nestor’s ability to communicate with top management, provide reports that demonstrate project progress per sprint through the use of burn-down charts and average story point velocity. Contribute at the Program level from an Agile perspective with the goal of facilitating scale agile to ensure a continuous delivery pipeline through continuous exploration, continuous integration, continuous deployment, and release on demand.

He has coached many struggling and both collocated and offshore new teams and helped them achieve high performance measured by faster development, better quality, and fewer release roll-backs. As a team agile coach and a Scrum Master, Nestor has helped teams in many companies identify impediments and guide them to remove the issues to increase productivity and reduce defects. He has achieved great success coaching Product Owners to better understand their role, improve backlog health and maturity, and evangelize about team successes to executive leadership, reversing years of poor performance.

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