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At Epiliki Staffing & Consulting LLC we assist qualified talent with job placement through recruiting companies with whom we have a good working history, subcontracting and placing trainees on scrum master roles, and job advertisements from partnering companies.

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Work with our experts at Epiliki Staffing & Consulting Llc to bring optimal Agile software development workflow management solutions to your business for improved project delivery. At Epiliki Staffing & Consulting, we employ an Agile coaching system designed to allow you to cut software development and delivery time significantly by adopting agile methods tuned to your customer demands. Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) provides enterprises a method to evolve to agile over time across multiple teams and functions. Our experts will coach you on how embracing agile practices can and definitely will improve the quality and predictability of your development projects to reduce your risk, improve quality and strengthen your software productivity.

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