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Interview Preparation

More and more people are switching their careers from Testing, Development, Business analyst, Project manager role etc to Scrum Master role. Our scrum interview guide is vital to the success of values-hiring. It will help job seekers secure a Scrum master job and will also help interviewers to save money in the interview process since they will be able to zero in on the right candidates more easily. This guide will improve job seekers interview skills since majority of the questions in this guide are case-based questions. This will minimize mistakes that are based on gut feelings and first impressions.  The Scrum Master is a difficult position to fill, as the scrum master needs to help the team reach consensus on tasks and timelines, facilitate the daily scrum meetings, keep the team focused on what has been agreed on in those daily scrums, remove obstacles in their way and protect them from distractions.

At ESC we do have interview preparatory materials to help our trainees succeed in the job market.

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